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"Wish I’d never met you Doctor. I was much better off as a coward."

Thursday, April 17, 2014
Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I was tagged in this by officialdundermifflin

Rule 1: Post the Rules.

Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post then make 11 new ones.

Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to your post.

Rule 4: Let them know you’ve tagged them

1) Name one of your greatest aspirations.

To top Ashley’s cards against humanity play

2) What do you think your purpose is?

I seek the holy grail.

3) What’s the saddest book you’ve ever read?

Where the Red Fern Grows. Legit the only book that ever made me tear up.

4) What’s the most entertaining book you’ve ever read?

Anything by Jim Butcher. Harry Dresden you sassy mofo.

5) You see a person on the street and you just get a feeling that’s you’d be great friends. What are they doing, or what is it about them, that makes you feel that way?

They’re loudly and audaciously informing people to not judge them for whatever random ass shenanigans they just did.

6) what is it that makes a guilty pleasure a guilty pleasure? why are they not just “things you like”?

Because you feel guilty for liking them? It’s something you feel guilty taking pleasure in? Damn it, woman, this is supposed to be fun, not philosophical!

7) What was the impetus for the last time you felt doubt about yourself or your choices?

Nice lexicon you got there ;) Graduation. I’m not ready to be an adult. I’m not ready to move to a city where I only know two people. I’m not ready to start everything again. I’m not ready to move on from everyone here. I feel like my college career has more to offer, and I’m not ready to leave it behind just yet, but even if I stay, I will stay alone because everyone else will eventually leave.

8) Are these questions too weird?

No more weird than you.

9) I tagged a few vegans: using the most positive imagery and the least negative imagery that you can, why are you vegan? If you’re not vegan, same question except explaining another life choice you’ve made (like why are you in the major you’re in, why do you participate in your favorite hobby)

Challenge. I’m type-a, highly aggressive, and I need challenge to be happy, hence software engineering. Also, being an engineer allows me to exercise creativity in a more structured environment than the fine arts provide.

10) Who do you consider your fictional hero? Make the answer as obscure and as personal as possible. like, if 100 of you say Steve Rogers i’m gonna be so pissed

Malcolm Reynolds. He’s moral, bad ass, an unquestionably good leader, canny, resourceful, charismatic, and funny. An inspiration to us all. Plus he’s chill. Which I’m not.

11) What makes a person a hero?

So many soul dredging questions! What makes a person a hero… a dedication to what they perceive as good, which, of course, implies that their perception of good must be at least somewhat unselfish. The more selfless they are, the more of a hero they are. I guess that makes me a bit of a utilitarian…

Moving on… Now I get to ask the questions! And they are as follows:

  1. How much can’t can a tumblr user even if a tumblr user just can’t even?
  2. Strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate?
  3. Favorite Les Mis song?
  4. Favorite dwarf from the hobbit?
  5. Hiddles or Cumberbatch?
  6. Best decision you ever made?
  7. Weirdest nickname you’ve ever been called?
  8. Favorite tumblr post you’ve seen today?
  9. Do you prefer your hair long or short?
  10. Favorite gem stone?
  11. Favorite actor/actress?

And I choose:

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